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We create opportunities for every child to succeed.

Our Success Story

I met two young boys within the ages of 11 to 12 years of age pushing wheelbarrows in the popular Karmo market Abuja. What got the two boys attracted to me was the fact that they were having an argument over who amongst them would carry the items I had with me. The ensuing scuffle got my attention and after pacifying them we got talking.

Our conversation led me to ask them why they weren't in school at that time of the day. "We need to make money to pay for our tuition and textbooks" came their reply.

I was touched, having being in that situation at some point in my life. I just couldn't let them remain in the market. I had to do something. I asked them to lead the way and take me to their school. They led me to a Government Secondary School in Jua, Gwaga- Abuja. There I confirmed they were actually enrolled in the school as students.

The next day my team and I went back to the school and met with the principal of whom after discussions revealed to us that there were so many others like the boys and In fact, they had lost many bright students whose -

parents could no longer afford to pay for their education and there is little the school can do. Touched by their predicament we proceeded to pay for all their learning essentials. It didn't end there we followed them home to have a conversation with their parents so as to fashion out how best we could empower them to rise up to their responsibilities as parents. The OMARI FOUNDATION is committed to helping other parents in similar situations.

The Omari Foundation has also been able to empower some widows who needed capital to start-up businesses

About the Founder

THE Omari Foundation is a non-governmental organization founded by Mrs. Egahi Maria Omari. The NGO has been in existence and keeping up with its objective `` to help Nigerian children who have little or no resources to acquire elementary education`` since 2012 until it was officially incorporated in November 2019.
Born into a family of seven, Maria lost her father at the tender age of one and thus growing up was full of hurdles. Weathering through life's storms with their widowed mother was very daunting.
Maria and siblings had to help their mother in her petty trade so as to help meet financial needs in their education and upkeep. Owing to this Maria and her siblings would often miss school on busy market days as these busy days mean brisk business and hence more money. There were days where they had to hawk to make ends meet and afford tuition.
These experiences put together have today metamorphosed into THE OMARI FOUNDATION – with care, compassion, empathy and social justice at its core.
Because Maria has been at her lowest and has seen first hand what it feels like to dwell in lack and see your dreams almost fade away, and having seen her mother raise her and her siblings as a widow, knows where it hurts the most when she meets people in the same or worse positions she found herself decades ago.
She has therefore dedicated her time and also deployed resources to help the needy and give them hope and succor. She is married and blesses with two lovely kids.

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We have a collective responsibility to the children and underprivileged in Nigeria; You can help safeguard their future and make a difference.